Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shirley's 2 Girls 222WWW Challenge #2!!

It's time, once again, for another Shirley’s 2 Girls "222 World Wide Challenge!" What is the 222WWW, you ask? Well, on the 2nd 2sday of every month at 2:00 p.m. (get it?!! 222!), those cool and sassy gals behind Shirley's 2 Girls create a challenge for you out there in stamp world to keep us inspired and fresh. This month's challenge is no exception!!

Here are the deets:

SPRING into this Challenge!It's time to leap your way into this challenge! We want you to embrace the word 'spring'. . . the season or the meaning of the word . . . bounce,rise, fly, hop, emerge,start, or originate. Create your own piece that says . . ."SPRING". We are supplying you with a template (you can make this any size) for a sweet and oh so chic purse (box)! It is a very easy template, (we even tested it ourselves...lol). Just make sure you use a card stock paper . . . it needs to have some stability! This chic little purse could hold a bouquet of flowers, spring bulbs, sweets, buttons, or actually any fun little embellishments that your favorite stamper would love! Dig deep and think outside the box...(or purse) and give us your best. You can use any stamp, but we would love you to use ours.

The deadline for submitting your project is 3/17/09 at 2:00 pm pst. Please upload to any of your favorite online galleries or your blog and then POST A DIRECT LINK TO YOUR PROJECT HERE on the Shirley's 2 Girl's Store Blog. We will post the winner on our S2G Blog and our gallery. The top 2 designers will receive $22. 'attitude gratitide'...(credit) with Shirley's 2 Girls.
Ready. . . set . . . Spring forward!

Was I right, or was I right?!! Fun stuff, huh?!! So, print that puppy out, use your favorite S2G stamps (or other spring stamps if you don't own any S2G stamps yet), and GET TO WORK!! Just so you know, this is not the S2G Twisted Thursday challenge that I will be posting here on my blog this Thursday. So be sure and come back for more fun challenges!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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