Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Peace, Love and Rock and Roll!

Wow, Man!! We're so excited about what the Shirley's 2 Girls "Ladies With Attitude" have in store for you over the next eight days. Kristine and Deidre are off to CHA and the LWA were left behind to show you their groovy new images! The two new stars are Mazie, a quirky little teenage girl, and McDuff, Mazie's furry side-kick. And there are some other amazingly fun images that are sure to inspire the deep, dark hippie inside of you!! Please join us tomorrow for the first of what promises to be the most fun eight days of your summer -- call it your summer of Peace, Love and Rock & Roll, Baby!!

So that you don't miss a thing, here's a list of this week's events:

7/23 - BFF Mazie: BLOG CANDY on Debbie and Joy's blogs
7/24 - Love Bug Mazie: BLOG CANDY on Debbie, Joy, Shelly and Karolyn's blogs
7/25 - Beach Mazie: BLOG CANDY on Debbie, Pat, Shelly and Karolyn's blogs
7/26 - Peace Dog: BLOG CANDY on Debbie, Joy and Shelly's blogs
7/27 - Mazie Rocks: BLOG CANDY on Pat and Karolyn's blogs
7/28 - Yoga Mazie: BLOG CANDY on Justine and Karolyn's blogs
7/29 - Skater Mazie: BLOG CANDY on Justine and Erin's blogs
7/30 - Remaining New Releases: Debbie, Pat, Karolyn, Joy, Justine, Erin and Shelly will all have samples, as well as a "flashback" to their New Release samples. YOU'LL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN AN ENTIRE SET OF THE NEW RELEASES BY COMMENTING ON EACH OF THE DT BLOGS!!

See you tomorrow!!

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