Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nestabilities and Cuttlebug Storage Solution!!

Hello Peeps!!

I'm crazed today - pre-holiday mania.  But I wanted to share my Nestabilities and Cuttlebug Embossing Folder storage solution that I've found works for me.  I don't know about you, but I've managed to accumulate quite a large collection of Spellbinders dies, Cuttlebug Embossing Folders, and other Sizzix and Quickutz dies and embossing folders.  I was running out of room!!  Until I came across THIS post.  My creative life had changed forever when I saw found this information.  I was able to condense 60+ sets of Nestabilities and Die Cuts, and just as many (or more!) embossing folders into four 3" 3-Ring binders. Wow, wow, wow!!  So, I thought I'd share with you the details of how it all works.  Warning - there are lots of photos, so be sure and scroll all the way through!!


What you'll need:

Zip N Flip Large
I purchased the Large Zip N Flips from ABC Toys & Crafts - they're really hard to find for some reason, so I buy them when I see them for future use.  They're $14.99 ea., and have two sheets per package - eight pockets per package - 16 pockets total per package.  This is enough for 32 sets of Nestabilities!!

Magnet Sheets 
 I purchased the magnet sheets from Lowe's for $4.60 per package - I found them in the heater vent section (they're supposed to be for covering up your heat vents in the winter).  There are three magnet sheets per package. 

Label Creator
I already owned my label creator.  I just print out the labels for each set.  Easy Peasy!!

I cut the magnet sheets with my paper cutter into panels that measure 4" x 6.25" - this size fits inside the pockets perfectly.  I can get 12 panels out of each package - each panel can hold one set of Nesties, so one package of magnet sheets is enough for 12 sets of Nesties.  WOW!!


Here's what my Nestie and Die Cut Notebooks look like all filled up.  I'm now into my second 3" 3-ring binder (each binder holds 5-6 Zip N Flips).  What can I say?  I loves me some Nesties!!

Medium Zip N Flips (for smaller Die Cuts)
I also use the Medium Zip N Flips for my smaller die cuts, labeling them the same way that I labeled my Nesties above.


Cuttlebug Embossing Folders
Basically, I use the exact same system for my embossing folders, but without the magnet sheets.  Any A2 sized embossing folder (or smaller) will fit inside the Large Zip N Flips.  I label the pockets and place one embossing folder per pocket.  So you could store 16 embossing folders in one set of Large Zip N Flips!  Pretty good, huh?  Any A2 sized folder will fit inside these pockets, no matter the manufacturer - I have Sizzix and Quickutz embossing folders and they all fit!!  The only thing that I've found that doesn't fit inside these pockets is the larger embossing folders.  Cuttlebug has now come out with 5" x 7" embossing folders - they do NOT fit inside these pockets (darn it all!!)

Medium Zip N Flips (for smaller embossing folders)

I use the Medium Zip N Flips for the smaller embossing folders (again purchased from ABC Toys & Crafts for $14.99 per set.)  There are two sheets per set, 16 pockets per sheet, for a total of 32 pockets.  Now that's storage for a BUNCH of little embossing folders.  I have Cuttlebug minis, Sizzlets and Quickutz minis.  All fit.  These pockets can be used for a ton of other items, too - the possibilities are endless!!

So I hope this information is helpful to someone.  I've tried over and over to figure out the best system for storing my die cuts and embossing folders.  This system works for me, and has room for expansion without starting all over!

Just so you know, ABC Toys & Crafts is having an incredible sale right now - on way too many things for me to list here.  But I will tell you that if you're interested in purchasing the Zip N Flips, (or anything else that Julie carries) Julie's offering you the opportunity to TAKE $10 off a $50 order!!  Enter SANTA09 upon checkout in the discount code box, and the discount will be taken off!!

Have a great Saturday!  Thanks for stopping by!


Stampin_melissa said...

Thanks for sharing this Karolyn! I have been putting my Nesties in CD cases and labeling them. But now I have a couple stacks and it isn't as easy to take them if I want to go crop. I think these Flip N Zip will work perfectly! (AND I already have some of those magnet sheets! I've already placed my order! :D Thanks for the code!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Hey girlfriend! Hope all goes well. Aren't you a clever and very organized crafter. Super idea.

Claire Brennan said...

Genius which I shall shamelessly copy!

Dalayney's Doodles said...

Brilliant!!! Thank you thank you thank you! Thanks to hobby lobby and their 1/2 off sale last week on nesties, I now have over 20 sets. This is perfect! thank u! :)

Becky said...

Now this is the best idea I have seen, simply awesome..

Winnie said...

Awesome idea! I am going to making a stamp room (I am currently in the basement) and am looking for ideas to organize my chaos...Thank you.

LemonDropMemories said...

This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing it. I was getting frustrated with having to put the folders back in their packages to keep them from getting lost.