Thursday, November 21, 2013

OCC Homework–His and Hers Holiday Cards!

Happy Thursday/Friday!


Lots of stuff going on around here . . . getting ready to leave for Cancun on Sunday, so trying to cram as much stuff into the last few days before we leave as possible.  I finally watched yesterday’s videos this morning and, of course, thoroughly enjoyed them!  I was able to throw a couple of cards together for my Holiday Card Workshop homework, which was to create two cards, using similar product – one being feminine and one being masculine.  Easy peasy, right?!


His and Hers Christmas - Hers

(Click on photo to enlarge.)


So I pulled out some older holiday plaid DP (it’s so old, I’m not even sure who the manufacturer is!) and created two very simple designs.  This one represents the feminine take on our homework.  Plaid is, in my opinion, unisex, but the ribbon makes it more feminine.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  LOL


His and Hers Christmas - His

(Click on photo to enlarge.)


And the masculine take on the first card – no ribbon and some plaid holly.  Fun, right?!  The only part of this card that might creep into feminine territory is the scalloped border.  I just felt like it needed a little sumpin’ sumpin’, so I risked it.  It probably doesn’t HAVE to be there, but I prefer it like this.  So there ya go!  LOL  I’m really having a blast with this online class and will be sad when I don’t have any more fun videos to watch and inspire me!  Might just have to sign up for the next class to keep the mojo flowing!


I’ve got an incredibly busy weekend planned – going to see my boyfriend, Mr. Michael Bublé, in concert tomorrow night (Friday) with my girlies.  Then I get to spend an entire day cropping with more fun chicas on Saturday.  And finally, we’re off to Cancun for the week on Sunday.  Tacos and Mojitos for Thanksgiving dinner, friends!!  LOL  I’ll be preposting a few things before I leave, including the upcoming Paper Smooches December release blog hop on Thanksgiving!  So I hope you’ll drop by when you have a chance.  To my U.S. friends, wishing you and yours a lovely and delicious Thanksgiving holiday.  I am so very grateful to you all for spending time here!


Carol Perry said...

Karolyn: I just love your plaid stamping. And I agree when you said plaid is pretty much unisex! Lovely cards and can't wait to give this a try.

Anja (scrappie) said...

Wow your cards are great love them and have a save trip and much fun.

Jean said...

These are both fabulous, as always! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cris said...

Love your homework! Very pretty cards, the plaid is gorgeous!!!

Geri said...

I was totally smitten at the first glance of 'plaid'. I wonder if the Scots knew they were on to something good way back when they 'dscovered' plaid!

The first card is definitely seasonally beautiful - LOVE the bow!!!

And hey, card number two totally works for a guy, scalloped edge and all. You're just encouraging the he-men out there to channel a bit of their softer side!

Say hi to Michael for me....he is the Bing Crosby of this era! What a voice!

AND, enjoy the sun in Cancun! It is -35C this morning - ouch! Add in the windchill it is -35 which is equivalent to -31F! This is very uncommon to have these low, LOW temps so early. Scares me to think what the rest of the winter will be like!

Enjoy the sun nice lady XX OO