Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm not a huge football fan . . . in fact, I'm pretty fair weather for sure. And since the Seahawks SUCK, I figure I should root for my other "home" team, huh? And since it's worked for my friend, Terri, I'm hoping a double dose of superstition will work here, too. So, GO CARDINALS!


LaToya said...

Well congratulations Karolyn on the Cardinals win. Even though I was rooting for the Eagles, the quarterback is from Chicago. Now I'll have to flip a coin and see if I'll be cheering for the Cardinals or the Steelers.

Janet Bagnall said...

Congratulations Karolyn on the Cardinals heading to the super bowl. Kurt Warner is such a great football story and I'm happy he has done well this year - he deserves it !!! I am keeping my fingers crossed they come out ahead.

Maria said...

i'll be rooting for the Cards too since my teams did not make it.