Monday, June 1, 2009

Psssst! Wanna See Some Serious Crafty Goodness On Sale?

If you know me well, you know that I love a good sale. Show me a good CRAFT sale, and I'll be your best friend for LIFE!! Well, I believe in the Golden Rule, "I'll show you my good CRAFT sales, if you'll show me yours." That's the Golden Rule, right? The CRAFTER'S Golden Rule that is. Smiley from Okay, I digress . . . I just got word of an a-MAZING online craft sale that really has some incredible deals. is having a BLOW-OUT sale unlike any I've ever seen before. Some amazing deals, I tell ya!! Not just stamps, but every kind of craft item that you can imagine. Really!! I'm not kidding!! Check out the link below for yourself - you'll be blown away!! Blow-Out Sale

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Kristen Hermanny said...

Thanks for the info!!!
Thanks for popping in to my blog with the really nice comments all the time when I play along too. have a great evening!!

Scrapping Julie said...

thanks for the info