Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boo to You . . . Flashback!


I'm baaaaacccckkkk!!

I just loved Jack Nicholson's character in "The Shining" - where he says "Heeerrrreeee's Johnny!" with the creepiest look on his face. Funny and scary all rolled into one!! hehehe Just thought I'd pass along that little tidbit of info for ya!!

So, it occurred to me that Halloween is just a few short weeks away. Have you BOO'd your neighbors yet? I just love making up fun little gift sets and leaving them on my neighbor's front porch, with a sign that says "You've been BOO'd!" I haven't made any yet this year, but I definitely plan to do so before Halloween is over!! Need some ideas? Well, I thought I'd re-share the Halloween projects that I made using my Shirley's 2 Girls Halloween images. Soooo much fun!!

Remember this fun little luminary that I made? A little bit of vellum, Ghoul Friends (SG 902), and a battery-operated blinkie, and you've got yourself a method of lighting the path to your front door, or lighting up your front window for Trick or Treaters!

Want to bring a hostess gift to a Halloween party? How about these fun wine glass charms?!! These are probably the easiest thing I have EVER made in all the years I've been crafting. Shrinky Dink is DA BOMB!! I just stamped the Spookies 2 (SG 905) onto Shrinky Dink, cut them out, punched a hole in the top, and used my heat embossing gun to shrink them. Slid them onto a wine glass ring, added a few beads, and abbracadabra!! You've got yourself some scary wine glass charms!! I'd be thrilled to death if someone brought these to my Halloween party!!

Shirley's 2 Girls has a TON of darling Halloween images for you to use - MANY of them are digital, so you can get them RIGHT THIS MINUTE!! Get to work on BOO'ing your neighbors. You'll be the talk of the block, I tell ya!

That's it for me today. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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Jaspere said...

What a great flashback it is too.