Thursday, November 26, 2009


Some big changes over at Shirley's2Girls!

To ALL S2G FANS...There's some BIG changes going on!

These changes will be GREAT news for your pocketbook, your storage woes, & you driving the postman crazy with 'where are my stamps?'

We wanted you to know that on January 1, 2010...
'Shirleys2Girls Clear Stamps'...
is going "SIMPLY DIGITAL"!

Kristine and Deidre, the owners & sisters of S2G, not only work together and live together, but they are also their 89 year old father's caretaker. With his current health issues and their full-time commitment to S2G...they have decided something had to give.

That being said...they LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'stamping' business, so the option of S2G closing up shop is...NOT an option. With Digital Stamps, they will create new and whimsical 'images"...sell them on line...but have NO packaging, shipping or invoicing. Also, with digital stamps...they will have more family, storage and time.

That's it! Well, that's almost it...S2G is putting everything (except the current digitals) on SALE at 45% OFF. This SALE is limited to stock on when it's gone, it's gone! SO, get on over there and check out all of the wonderful clear stamps while they are still available. Go Shopping HERE!

We hope this change will be exciting for you, too! Here's to 2010 and a VERY EXCITING year for S2G!

THANK YOU for all of your love this past year!

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