Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Favor, Please?!!

Hi Kids!

I have a HUGE favor to ask of you.  My buddy Terri is trying to win $325 in her fantasy football league.  She's playing for first place this weekend, and she REALLY wants to win!!  (I think she's praying that a Genesis paper cutter will arrive on her doorstep soon, and that's a PRICEY paper cutter!)  So I was thinking . . . what if we all crossed our fingers, or danced around our chairs, or clapped like Peter Pan who believes in Tinkerbell - or whatever little quirky thing you like to do to generate some luck and good fortune - all in the name of Terri winning this weekend!!  Whatta ya say, huh?!  Can we do that for my girlie?!!  I know she'd appreciate it, and wouldn't it be so fun to say we had a hand in her win because we BELIEVED she could do it?!!  If you want to wish her luck yourself, click on the Cardinal below, and that'll take you straight to her blog.  Oh, and while you're there check out her work - it's A-MAZING!!

Thanks, ladies!  I know I can count on you to help a girl out!  If I don't see you before, know that I'll be raising a glass of sparkling cider as a cheers to you for an outstanding 2010!!  Happy New Year!

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Patti J said...

Consider it done! You are a good friend!

Terri said...

YOU crack me up...hell ya, I need all the help I can get. The odds are definitely NOT in my favor this week, but stranger things have happened!

You're the best...just another reason why I love ya!

Justine said...

That was a very funny post guess I better scoot over to Terri's blog to sprinkle some fairy dust her way.
Happy New year,

Gwen said...

Hey I'm dancing around with my fingers & toes crossed!!! LOL!!!
Happy New Yew Year Karolyn!!!!!!!