Monday, February 8, 2016

5 Days to An Organized Crafty Stash–Ink Storage!!

Hola friends!!!

I have a bit of a different post to share with you all today!  My Favorite Things is doing a super fun promotion this week featuring craft stash storage and organization ideas to help all of us get our stuff under control.  I don’t know about you all, but I can’t create when my stuff isn’t organized.  My mojo gets sucked right outta me if I have stamps and dies that need to be organized.  So I think this week’s promotion is going to help all of us!!  Today’s feature is focusing on ink Storage.


Okay, so you all know that we are snowbirds, right?!!  We travel back and forth between Washington and Arizona twice a year.  And that means that my crafty supplies need to be somewhat portable.  In many cases, I have duplicate supplies in both locations.  But my My Favorite Things inks are something that I don’t have duplicates of – yet.  And let me just say that I am an ink “whore”!  I love ink!!  And I especially love the MFT inks!!  I have all of the Hybrid inks, and most of the Premium Dye Inks, and a few of the Pigment inks.  The above picture shows how I store my inks.  I store them in storage containers similar to THIS because I can stack them on top of each other, and they have a handle for portability.  You can see that I label them with my Brother Label Maker to remind myself what goes and what stays.  It’s a science, people.  I keep all of my inks in the closet in my craft room.


I also have a color chart for each type of ink that I store inside each box.  Each color is stamped onto the chart.  I try to keep the stacks of inks sorted by color variety (reds, oranges, yellows, etc.) but they don’t always stay that way for very long.  I try, but when I’m in the middle of creating, I’m not always the best at keeping things organized.  But everything has a place, so it all eventually goes back into its place!


I also have the reinkers for all of my inks.  I keep them sorted by ink type – dye and hybrid in one, pigment in another.  The containers are just clear boxes that I picked up at Michael’s.  You can see that I transport these back and forth, so again portability is paramount.

These ideas work for me and my situation.  Portability is generally what drives my storage choices.  I’m blessed to have two really great spaces to create in, and keeping both of them organized just makes me happy.  I hope you’ll click on through to the My Favorite Things Design Blog to be linked up to some other really awesome ink storage ideas from my sweet teammates!!  No doubt you’ll be inspired to get yourself organized for  the new year!!  And because the peeps at MFT are so incredibly generous, I suspect there will be some type of give away over there – it’s worth clicking through for that, right?!!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I’ll be back soon to share another crafty post with you!  Until then, thanks so much for stopping by – I sure do appreciate it!!


Jackie said...

I love the color chart idea. I keep meaning to make one, but haven't done it yet. Traveling between 2 places would definitely be motivation to be more organized. Your system looks like a wonderful idea.

Susan said...

I just printed off a color chart this past weekend! I spent much of my time organizing. :)

Dee Earnshaw said...

Thank you for sharing your storage ideas with us! It was very Interesting how you separate the inks according to their type. Never thought to do that - such a great idea:)

cghundley said...

Great ideas with
your storage.
Carla from Utah

CrazyStamperJill said...

Two stamp rooms? That's heaven, isn't it? I imagine it's tough to need two of everything though. Thanks for sharing your bin storage.

Natalie said...

It's such a great feeling to be organized. Thanks for sharing your room and storage ideas!

aagirlz said...

I would love a clearer picture of your inked colour chart - to help me decide what colours to buy and see the difference between stamped colours that are similar..

Rabuñal Scrapbooking said...

Me ha gustado mucho su espacio de trabajo, se ve que tiene originalidad, aprovecha cada rincón, y me gusta el color blanco, da más luz a la habitación.
Los materiales que ha enseñado, he tenido envidia de usted, pero ¡qué le vamos a hacer! Antes de que se acabe la etapa del scrapbooking espero lograr mi objetivo de llegar a ser un crack en el sector, aunque sea con 80 años, ja, ja, ja.

Cindi said...

I had no idea you are a snowbird. My parents are too. I live in Phoenix. Great suggestions!