Monday, July 25, 2016

My Favorite Things–Top 10 Faves!!

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Well, hello again!




Today, all of the peeps on the My Favorite Things Design Team are sharing their Top 10 favorite projects, in honor of the My Favorite Things 10 Year Anniversary!!  I want to start by saying that I’ve been an MFT fan for a very long time.  In fact, this blog post inspired me to look up my very first My Favorite Things order.  My very first My Favorite Things order was placed on September 30, 2007 – just two short months after they started!!  I was Order No. 109!!  Isn’t that crazy?!!!  Anyways . . . I never dreamt, all those years ago, that I’d be blessed to be part of this amazing team and company.  I pinch myself every single day at the incredible blessing that this company has been in my life.  And the people are some of the kindest, most generous and inspiring people I have ever come across.  I am truly honored and humbled to be a part of the My Favorite Things family.


Okay, so let’s get to my Top 10 favorite projects, shall we?!!  Please note, that these are not in any certain order.  Truthfully, this task was like asking me to choose which kid I love most.  I simply can’t do that!  But I can say these projects hold a special place in my heart for one reason or another.



This first project was one of the two projects that I shared on my blog when I was added to the My Favorite Things Design Team.  And the products that I used were designed by Laina Lamb – that girl knocks my socks off with her amazing and clever products!!  Hers are some of my faves, for sure!

4-27-15 You Color My World Color




I love this next project because I love those gorgeous flowers!  The cute and whimsical designs just make me happy!!  And the word die cut . . . oh my goodness.  Love it!!






I have two words for this project – Buffalo Plaid.  ‘Nuff said, right?!!  I mean – I ADORE Buffalo Plaid, so this project just makes me happy to look at!






Not to sound like a broken record – but Buffalo Plaid!  Be still my heart!  And that curved edge was created with a straignt stitched scallop border die!!  LOVE IT!!






Okay, this project holds a VERY special place in my heart!!  I received a message a few months ago, asking me if it would be okay if they placed an enlarged version of my card in the My Favorite Things store in Eustis, Florida.  Ummmmm . . . OF COURSE!!  And I am so blessed to have had the opportunity in June to fly to the store and see it hanging in the front window with my own two eyes, that promptly filled with tears at the sight.  It truly makes me so happy and honoroed that My Favorite Things likes my project enough to enlarge it and put it in their window – are you kidding me?!!  I love this card, and will forever remember that moment of seeing it hanging in the store.






This project is one of my faves because. Rainbows.  Right?!!  Rainbows just make me happy – beyond!!






Again, not to repeat myself, but this rainbow rain just makes my heart skip a beat!  Clean, simple, and vibrant – and throw in a little unexpected for good measure!  What more could you ask for?!!






This project is one that immediately popped into my head the minute I laid eyes on that amazing lamp post die.  And it ultimately turned out EXACTLY as I had it pictured in my head!!  *sigh*  It reminds me of the “Whoville” community that we live in in Washington.  It’s soooo cute during the holidays!!






This was another of those projects that I conjured up in my crazy head and was laughing the whole time I was making it!  Seriously, this turned out just as I had pictured, and it was a blast to create!






Finally, this project is another one of those that is super simple, clean and vibrant – just the way I like my cards!!  It also captures how I feel when I think of my time with My Favorite Things.  I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be on the team, and to be a part of the My Favorite Things family.  They’re good people, I tell ya!





There you go!!!  My Top 10 My Favorite Things projects – to date!!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!  As you can see, I’ve listed all of the products that I used under each project for quick reference.  Be sure and click on through to the My Favorite Things Design Blog to be linked to the other brilliant designers who are also sharing their favorite projects!  I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll be inspired beyond belief!!


That’s it for me today, friends!!  I’ve got some major deadlines looming, so I’ll be working in my craft room all day!!  Thanks so much for stopping by again today – it makes me over the moon happy when you do!!


Carol H. said...

I love each and every one! All are so pretty!!!!

Casey-Diane said...

These are great!!!!!

House Chef said...

Some absolutely amazing cards! You do some creative work!

TK said...

Such a stunning display of creativity, all in one post! Love them too....

creatingincolors said...

I love your cards and don't know how you managed to narrow it down to 10. But of course you had to include the one that was enlarged for display at MFT.... that was a precious story, and well-deserved recognition. Thanks for your inspiration.

Shirley said...

Awesome post. Love all cards! Thank you.

Geri said...

AH-MAZING!!! You are sooooo talented! Lovin' all the bright, vibrant colors!

Barbara Green said...

All of your cards are totally adorable.