Friday, February 12, 2016

5 Days to An Organized Crafty Stash–Craft Room Tour!

Well Hello!!

It’s me again!  And just to warn you, this will be a heavy photo blog post!!  I’ll try to keep the chitter chatter to a minimum.  So you made it to Day 5 of the My Favorite Things 5 Days to An Organized Crafty Stash series.  Good for you!!  I hope you’ve been inspired to get your craft supplies organized and under control after seeing all of the different ideas shown by the My Favorite Things Team!  Today, we’re sharing Craft Room Tour photos!!  Are you ready?!!  Okay then – let’s go!


So this is my craft room.  It’s my happy place.  The center of the room features a Pottery Barn Craft Table that I scored for a fraction of the cost at a local consignment store.  I about wet my pants when I saw it as it had been on my wish list for quite a while.  Those cute chairs?  My amazing bestie found those for me at an estate sale (for $5 each!) and painted them and recovered the seat cushions.  Are they not so awesome?!!  She’s the best, I tell ya!  I picked up the green and aqua totes in each of the cubbies at Lowe’s and they contain lots of different stuff – embossing powders, glitter, enamel dots, baker’s twine, extra adhesive, clear acrylic blocks, organizational supplies, and washi tape, among other things.  Each cubbie contains a different supply, and there are cubbies on both sides of the desk.  The wrap around desk on the left side of the room is a conglomeration of Ikea furniture.  The drawers and cupboards are full to the brim with crafty goodies – colored pencils, ribbon, punches, and planner supplies, just to name a few.


Here’s a closer look at the wrap around desk.  You can also see that I have a Raskog cart full of my 6 x 6 paper pads, sprays, adhesive and ink pads that I use every day.  My printer is there for easy access and my television keeps me company while I’m crafting.


I shared this photo yesterday showing the right side of the room.  My Expedit shelf contains all of my card stock as well as my non-MFT stamps and some dies (stored in the large double Fridge Binz).  My laser printer is just beyond the bookshelf and to the left of that is my photo station.


I think I shared this photo yesterday, too.  Just another view of the Expedit shelf and another Raskog cart that contains all of my water coloring supplies.


This is a view into the closet of my craft room.  Straight ahead is my die cutting station.  The top left drawer contains all of my extra plates and platforms.  The third drawer down is my scrap bin (a big fat mess!), and the drawer next to that is where I store all of my cards – those are a mess, too!  I really need to get a handle on those, too – some day.  The rest of the drawers are full of miscellaneous stuff that I hardly ever pay attention to.  Must be time to do a purge again.


This is the left side of the closet, which contains all of my ink pads sorted by brand in Snapware containers.  The bottom shelf holds the Art Bin containers the house my non-MFT dies – sorted by manufacturer, and then alphabetically.  The top shelf contains more miscellaneous stuff – yes, it’s definitely time for a purge.


This is the right side of the closet – you can see that my reinkers are stored to the left, followed by my distress ink and supplies, my Copic Markers (stored in an awesome acrylic tote that I got at the Container Store), and my stencil and embossing paste supplies.

That’s it!!  It’s my happy place, to say the very least.  I love spending time in here, and especially love when friends come by to craft with me!  I’ve had a ton of laughs in that room – and I feel very blessed to have a space all to myself.  The room doubles as a guest bedroom for one of our grandkids when they’re in town.  But other than that, the room is all mine!  LOL

I hope you’ve enjoyed the view into my happy place.  Please click on through to the My Favorite Things Blog to be linked up to the other girls’ craft spaces, as I’m sure you’re going to be amazed.  Those girls are way more organized than I am, that’s for sure!!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’ll be back in just a bit to share a project for Avery Elle!


I Card Everyone said...

Karolyn, I do love a bargain hunter ... I, too, would have been over the moon to snag that craft island from P.B.! I especially love being invited into your space ... I asked that the MFT prize be a visit to one [or all] of your spaces! I'm packing... one day?
=] Michele

jan metcalf said...

The only thing you are missing is a cooler for that wine! Beautiful space! Thanks for sharing!

Geri said...

WOW! Ya sure do have a whole lotta stuff! Made my mouth water! Thanks for sharing - you gave me some really good ideas (although I have only a mere shmick of what you have!)

Karol L said...

Beautiful room and love the craft table. . I found a great drafting table at a yard sale a few years ago that is my utility table for my machines, have lots of room to work around on it. Love a good bargain. And hey you can never have to much paper.
Thank you for sharing

Unknown said...

Great room Karolyn! That Pottery Barn table is such a dream!! So great that it has storage in it and doesn't take up a ton of room! I related to your scrap paper storage bin on the MFT blog lol! Sometimes they are my nemesis. Keep them, get rid of them??? Thank you for sharing your room with us!

Emily said...

I love seeing your studio. Now show me how you manage in the winter in AZ. I live in a mobile home in FL. We were snowbirds from OH for 10 years so I know how that goes.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Love your space!

Corilyn Noreen said...

I am in love with that chair and cushions. LOVE!

Dee said...

Inspiring organization that gave me sevral ides1 Thanks!

Paulina said...

Karolyn! It's SO fun to see where the "magic happens". Your room is so organized and fun, just like you! Thanks for giving us a peek at your studio. <3

Pennie said...

I love the space. I would love to be this organized